A bad critique

One thing that is a tradition for my family is going to Herb Niemen’s Steak House and schnitzel house right after watching the Lynden lighted parade. We go for the enjoyable atmosphere, great service and variety; At Herb Niemen’s you will find all of that and even more with there rustic woodsy log cabin feel, service with the owners face included and a variety that keeps you here and not needing to go to Europe. Their quote is: “have the food you want without having to go to Europe.”


The first thing you notice when you arrive at the door you will pull the axe door handle that will open to the woodsy, classic, rustic feel and look; the work is shown on the walls, floors and ceilings, it shows the work and effort put in to the interior design for a warm enjoyable feel that will stay the rest of your visit.


The second thing you notice is the variety. Its is very large because they care about different tastes even if its harder to make everything. All of there foods are homemade in the restaurant.


The third thing you notice is the service, they will assist almost instantaneously after you sit down and gaze over the amazing variety they have to give you. The food comes at a reasonable time because most of there food is steak or soup and salad. You will always see the owner at some point either when you are eating or when you walk in; the service is spectacular.


 My family has traditions with food and restaurant just like herb Niemen’s we go to Dairy Queens after going to Hovander Farm in Ferndale. Not as good as Herb Niemen’s by far but its another tradition like Herb Niemen’s. With their great atmosphere, variety and service you will be kept at a maximum entertainment=t and enjoyment with your food etc. have a fun time at herbs whenever you get the chance I guarantee its worth your time and money.






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