Recently I have been trying to look for a good book and I have come out unsuccessful t looking around and starting new books. I have am using Killing Mr. Griffin by Louis Duncan; it’s a good book about a poor old teacher that gets kidnapped by a group of his students! They don’t want to hurt him though; but sometimes plans go wrong. How horrible is that? But with Louis Duncan, “The master of suspense” I would say it’s a good book. I am going to try out prediction again since I got a three but no mastery.


In this part of the book Mr. Griffin and the group of his kidnappers are at the secret waterfall behind the mountain where they are hiding Mr. Griffin. Mark, one of the kidnappers, finds a prescription drug container on the ground that looks like it’s full. He asks. “What’s this Mr. G is it important?” (Pg. 164). Then he smashes the container on a rock. I really thought that the drug might be important. And so it was, he ends up dying in the end because he didn’t have the drug with him. He lost a wife, one baby and the only job in the household.


Since I did finish the book I would recommend it to anyone who wants a bit of a thrill. Good mostly because it gets right to the cool stuff in the first 30 pages! Overall. I hope you can have the time to read such a great book as this.





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