Condo (a small piece)

This condo rises above the rest,  made of key ingredients; steel, stone and glass. This is a modern building, the penthouse is pending for about 10 mil. The blue tinted glass reflects the passing day of the city; the birds, cranes, other high rises and anything else that stands around its eye level. Inside the fire rages, locked in a fireplace it can not escape, it can not burn the rug, neither can it singe the leather sofas and chairs, it can not smolder the table or disintegrate the curtains. Its just a fire and it will rage on in madness yet it is stuck barred in its cage only to see its own light. But if he did get out, he would have no chance; the water sprinklers on the ceiling are NO MATCH…for him, and he will just smolder till he dies in his cage of ash and burnt wood, the walls of the fireplace are singed with his fight to escape but the walls will never let down, they will always hold him in and the next fire and the next.

Ok… that was really random i just started about a fireplace as a prison. Its really not even that good, I just needed to to push what i was suddenly thinking.

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Thank you!



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