A bad critique

One thing that is a tradition for my family is going to Herb Niemen’s Steak House and schnitzel house right after watching the Lynden lighted parade. We go for the enjoyable atmosphere, great service and variety; At Herb Niemen’s you will find all of that and even more with there rustic woodsy log cabin feel, service with the owners face included and a variety that keeps you here and not needing to go to Europe. Their quote is: “have the food you want without having to go to Europe.”


The first thing you notice when you arrive at the door you will pull the axe door handle that will open to the woodsy, classic, rustic feel and look; the work is shown on the walls, floors and ceilings, it shows the work and effort put in to the interior design for a warm enjoyable feel that will stay the rest of your visit.


The second thing you notice is the variety. Its is very large because they care about different tastes even if its harder to make everything. All of there foods are homemade in the restaurant.


The third thing you notice is the service, they will assist almost instantaneously after you sit down and gaze over the amazing variety they have to give you. The food comes at a reasonable time because most of there food is steak or soup and salad. You will always see the owner at some point either when you are eating or when you walk in; the service is spectacular.


 My family has traditions with food and restaurant just like herb Niemen’s we go to Dairy Queens after going to Hovander Farm in Ferndale. Not as good as Herb Niemen’s by far but its another tradition like Herb Niemen’s. With their great atmosphere, variety and service you will be kept at a maximum entertainment=t and enjoyment with your food etc. have a fun time at herbs whenever you get the chance I guarantee its worth your time and money.






            Dear DISCLOSED,

Recently I have been trying to look for a good book and I have come out unsuccessful t looking around and starting new books. I have am using Killing Mr. Griffin by Louis Duncan; it’s a good book about a poor old teacher that gets kidnapped by a group of his students! They don’t want to hurt him though; but sometimes plans go wrong. How horrible is that? But with Louis Duncan, “The master of suspense” I would say it’s a good book. I am going to try out prediction again since I got a three but no mastery.


In this part of the book Mr. Griffin and the group of his kidnappers are at the secret waterfall behind the mountain where they are hiding Mr. Griffin. Mark, one of the kidnappers, finds a prescription drug container on the ground that looks like it’s full. He asks. “What’s this Mr. G is it important?” (Pg. 164). Then he smashes the container on a rock. I really thought that the drug might be important. And so it was, he ends up dying in the end because he didn’t have the drug with him. He lost a wife, one baby and the only job in the household.


Since I did finish the book I would recommend it to anyone who wants a bit of a thrill. Good mostly because it gets right to the cool stuff in the first 30 pages! Overall. I hope you can have the time to read such a great book as this.




Condo (a small piece)

This condo rises above the rest,  made of key ingredients; steel, stone and glass. This is a modern building, the penthouse is pending for about 10 mil. The blue tinted glass reflects the passing day of the city; the birds, cranes, other high rises and anything else that stands around its eye level. Inside the fire rages, locked in a fireplace it can not escape, it can not burn the rug, neither can it singe the leather sofas and chairs, it can not smolder the table or disintegrate the curtains. Its just a fire and it will rage on in madness yet it is stuck barred in its cage only to see its own light. But if he did get out, he would have no chance; the water sprinklers on the ceiling are NO MATCH…for him, and he will just smolder till he dies in his cage of ash and burnt wood, the walls of the fireplace are singed with his fight to escape but the walls will never let down, they will always hold him in and the next fire and the next.

Ok… that was really random i just started about a fireplace as a prison. Its really not even that good, I just needed to to push what i was suddenly thinking.

Also, big thanks to my followers,




Thank you!



You could go over that car bridge but that would not be very smart. The water is churning and the black bay is taking over, washing the ships and the people on the shore. We can just get out of teh car and run to teh mountin, but the black bay is consuming every life, every building and anything that gets in its way. 


My uncle is single.
He lives by himself in a condo.
He also rents out 3 rooms in another condo.
He works at the Starbucks HQ.
He lives in Seattle.
He also bikes to work everyday.
Which is eight miles each day.


You could go over that bridge, but that would not be very smart. The water is churning and the black bay is taking over washing teh ships to shore and teh people out. You could just retareat to teh mountin, but the black bay is consuming every life, every building and anything that gets in its way.

“This water is getting out of control,” explained Roger Simpsons to the Bay Water Association Commitee. The commitees  all seated in a small conferance room with plain white walls and door. The meeing; situated on theastern seaboard on the other side of the west coast problem; this is a team of highly trained proessionals that supposidly know the cure to to sea that is turning black and taking over the beutiful blue to a muddy death, making huge floods over the land.”You know, Mr.Sanders, we all know that’s the problem.